The anti-microbial polymer lubrication for Bearings


DUROLUB DL-AM: The anti-microbial polymer lubrication solution

                                                                  Liquid cheese at production line.

Durolub DL, a thermally treated polymer compound with a high performance synthetic hydrocarbon oil, is well accepted in the food and beverage industry, the pharmaceutical industry and many other branches with typical challenges like:

  • incident contact with processed product possible (demands NSF H1 / Halal / Kosher certificates)
  • wet environment, process and cleaning water (pressure cleaning)
  • cold process lines (low friction torques at starting / in operation)
  • low environmental impact, no excess or washed out grease in the production lines)
  • reduced maintainance cost

Now the brand new anti – microbial AM additives are available with the 3 standard polymer lubrication solutions

  • DL.AM with 68mmÇ/s at 40°C – the standard for ball bearings
  • DL150.AM with 140mmÇ/s at 40°C – the standard for roller bearings and large ball bearings
  • DL32.AM with 32mmÇ/s for low operating temperatures
                                          SRB filled with Durolub DL150

Durolub can be applied to any bearing brand with sufficient free space inside the bearing. Therefore either your favourite brand can be boosted with Durolub or alternative solutions can be worked out.

The goal always remains the same:
Maximization of the operating life of your application

But now there is a second major goal:
Reliable prevention of pathogen germs in the lubricant and subsequently no microbiological contamination of the processed goods caused by the lubricant.

Microbiological Contamination

is the number one reason for returned goods or call backs on food and beverage products. Beside high costs for the return of goods, the reputation of the concerned production companies is battered.

Especially if there are difficult to reach places (cavities / openings) and frequent cleaning with water, the growth of pathogen microorganism should be actively avoided.

                      38% caused by microbiological contamination

By using Durolub AM with antimicrobial additives the safety of processed product is increased significantly, the risk of losing reputation and money seriously reduced.

Example Pseudomonas Aeruginosa

In the WHO list of the most dangerous bacterias this type ranks under the top 3.

This soil and water germ is widely spreaded and extremely resistant against disinfectants and antibiotics. It is known as food spoiler and as the main hospital germ.

                                          Human pathogenic bacteria on colorful background, 3D illustration

Pseudomonas aeruginosa even survives in destilled water and disinfectants. It builds biofilms and slime what can cause severe problems in the process technology.

                            The effectiveness of the AM additive is certified by external independent laboratories.

Underneath some examples of the effectiveness of the AM additives. The blue column shows the number of germs at inoculum, 0-hours and 6-hours while the yellow is the same without AM. The effectiveness of the AM additive is certified by external independent laboratories. The tribological properties of Durolub Dl / Dl32 / DL150 remain unchanged.


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