A Cut Above The Rest (Armoric Foodprocessing, Case Study Video)

Interroll Synchronous Drum Motors in Food Processing – MerAlliance/Armoric, France.

Meralliance is France’s Nr. 1 in salmon delicacies and fully exploits the capabilities of the new Interroll Synchronous Drum Motor.

The Group’s production plant Armoric in Quimper, northwestern France, uses the new drive solution in its latest slicing production line for premium quality smoked salmon.
The production line from the company A.B. Process combines slicing machines with PU belt conveyors driven by Synchronous Drum Motors. These provide a perfect sequential transport and make sure the slices stay on the carrier boards.

“The Interroll Synchronous Drum Motors are ideally suited for this application. They perfectly manage the stop-and-go operation and precise positioning while working reliably and silently”, says Antoine Aveline, Industrialisation Engineer at Meralliance.