Science and business combine in the quest for the Perfect Pint

Two Yorkshire businesses are collaborating with the School of Mechanical Engineering at Leeds University in a competition to identify if man or machine can pull the best pint.

Quality Bearings Online Ltd (QBOL), a distributor of Engineering Spares who have customers in over 70 countries have teamed up with Saltaire Brewery, an international award winning brewer of hand crafted ales, to challenge a team of students to design and build a robot capable of pulling the perfect pint.

With the challenge accepted the students are busy working out all the kinks in their design and doing plenty of research on beer. We spoke to Ewen Gordon, managing director at Saltaire Brewery to find out what difficulties the students may face. He said: “Beer can operate very differently depending on how it is kept and how it is pulled, hence the requirement for an in-depth study. The students will be doing some testing at the brewery in the coming weeks to learn as much as possible”.

The beer to be used throughout this project is the Saltaire Blonde, courtesy of the brewery, a light ale which Gordon considers to be perfect for the students to use.

Simon Riley, director of QBOL said: “We have strong ties with Leeds University and are delighted to be working with Saltaire Brewery which is a fantastic Yorkshire business. The project allows a team of talented students to demonstrate their skills in a surrounding most of us can relate to. I am very excited to see the finished results, both the Robot and a freshly pulled pint.”

The project, following proof of concept, will see a fully autonomous robot compete against an industry professional in a battle to see who can pull the best pint. The competition will take place in early June 2017 at the Saltaire Brewery pub, The Brewery Tap, including a taste, consistency and a wastage test.

An independent judging panel will have the enviable task of deciding the winner. The panel, will consist of Beer Industry Experts and two local celebrities, will be supported by a gathering of interested parties who will also be able to have their say in whether man or machine pulls the perfect pint.

You can follow this story with live updates on QBOLs social media and on their blog, where they will be tracking the students’ progress over the coming months.

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